Client Testimonials

Virginia,…not only did you ease my conscience and make the experience exciting, we had some good laughs to share. It was a joy working with you. Having you as my Virtual Assistant has given me the confidence I needed to pursue this ‘unique’ avenue/profession. Your ideas and suggestions have managed to get me ‘psyched’ on all sorts of different levels, especially since I am entering a world full of incredible competition and unbelievable talent. It has been such a ‘breeze’ discussing with you how to put my ‘best foot’ forward and bounce ideas back and forth that will put me in the best possible light. Thank you for everything.

And may I say, even though initially the domain name you gave me was just an ‘example”,….the bottom line is,…. it is pure brilliance.

Denise Pearson
Johnny Depp Look-alike

I can’t rave about Virginia enough. She is faster than a speeding bullet and can jump over mountains in a single leap – or so it seems. Her impeccable skill and speed save me so much more time than the hours I get charged for. She really is my super hero!

Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA LP CPCC
President, Coaching Toys Inc

Virginia, there are many things a Virtual Assistant can do but we all have particular needs. You are a technological whiz. You complete the side of me that I don’t have time for and that doesn’t want to learn. I want to do what I do best. You bring me freedom, huge relief and you take care of my PANIC. You always know where to find something needed for my website that is less costly to save money. Oh, I almost forgot. Your humor! It’s so fun to work with you and when we have a phone conversation you listen, then we laugh.

Thank you for completing my other half. I couldn’t do what I do without your expertise.

Beth Woodward

Having a virtual assistant is wonderful, if it’s with the right person. Virginia at Leenterprises is that right person. She genuinely loves her work and it shows.

Virginia is interested in your business and goes the extra mile to make sure your needs are met.

I feel confident putting my business matters in her hands because I know she can handle whatever I throw her way.

She is quick to respond, offers suggestions and alternatives, as well as, she truly “takes care of business”.

She is a joy and pleasure to work with.

Kimberley Cohen


Thank you for everything you do for me! It’s been such a breeze working with you. All I do is send you my newsletter article and ezine list of changes and PRESTO! my HRxaminer newsletter is formatted and sent to all the right people. You really make this process so easy for me. I’m pleased to refer your services to other solo-entrepreneurs like myself who can’t do it all themselves.

Arlene Vernon, PHR

HRx, Inc.

“Virginia is personable and good at communicating about projects and meeting deadlines. She handled a newsletter system for my business that was way over my head. Her availability, skills and value fit nicely with my working style, needs and budget. We worked together for several years and though we were across the continent from each other and never met in person, I enjoyed working and communicating with Virginia as our Virtual Assistant.”

Teresa Thomas-Carroll – Facilitator and Consultant
Purple Crayon Factory

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