We work with coaches, authors and speakers
and fully understand the needs and budgets
of webpreneurs!

Our services can be used as your only web-based resource or on an overflow basis eliminating the burden of paying a full-time assistant. We can become your Virtual WebPreneurial Specialist or manage your virtual team. We know how to put all the pieces together!

Are you bogged down with technical tasks? Can’t figure out how to

You are a technological whiz. You bring me freedom, huge relief and you take care of my PANIC.

build your online presence?

Let us help you create the plan to take you to the next step!

We can take care of those “just can’t figure it out” projects to give you more time to concentrate on those important tasks such as prospecting new customers and generating income.

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Just What Can We Offer You?

We provide more than just the services of a professional “in office” assistant. Our software and webpreneurial skills are constantly updated to ensure quality finish on all of your projects.

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Let Us De-Stress Your Life!

Client Testimonial
Virginia,…not only did you ease my conscience and make the experience exciting, we had some good laughs to share. It was a joy working with you. Having you as my Web Specialist has given me the confidence I needed to pursue this ‘unique’ avenue/profession. Your ideas and suggestions have managed to get me ‘psyched’ on all sorts of different levels, especially since I am entering a world full of incredible competition and unbelievable talent. It has been such a ‘breeze’ discussing with you how to put my ‘best foot’ forward and bounce ideas back and forth that will put me in the best possible light. Thank you for everything.And may I say, even though initially the domain name you gave me was just an ‘example”,….the bottom line is,…. it is pure brilliance.Cheers,
Denise Pearson
Johnny Depp Look-alike



What are the benefits of using a Virtual Webpreneurial Specialist?

Virtual Webpreneurial Specialists can offer expert online support to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Their services can be used as a company’s only online resource, or in addition to permanent staff. They provide several advantages by eliminating payroll taxes, insurance and benefits, equipment, space and time, while providing high quality professional support.

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